Financial Performance (Millions of U.S. Dollars (USD) and Shares, Except Per Share Data) 





Total Operating Expenses




Operating Income (Loss)




Income (Loss) Before Taxes




Amounts Attributable to Company Shareholders: 

   Net Income (Loss) from Continuing Operations




   Diluted Income (Loss) Per Share from Continuing Operations

$1.89 $(1.29) $(3.34)
Cash Dividends Per Share $0.72 $0.72 $0.32
Diluted Common Shares Outstanding




Net Working Capital




Total Assets




Total Debt




Total Shareholders' Equity




Cash Flows from Operating Activities 




Capital Expenditures




Depreciation, Depletion and Amortization




Total Capitalization




Debt to Total Capitalization52%56%66%
In 2020, the amount of net revenue generated by Halliburton in countries that have the 20 lowest rankings on Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index comprises approximately 2% of the Company’s total revenue.

Political Contributions

Local, Regional or National Political Campaigns / Organizations / Candidates




Lobbying, Interest Representation or Similar




Trade Associations or Tax-Exempt Groups (e.g., Think Tanks) $-



Other (e.g., Spending Related to Ballot Measures or Referendums)




Board Information (as of Publication Date)

Average Board Meeting Attendance96%94%100%
Board Independence9910
Board Gender Diversity: Women on Board of Directors (BOD)333
Board Ethnic Diversity: Ethnic Diversity on BOD223

Research and Development

Patents Granted Per Year8961,116825
Total R&D Spend (Million USD)




R&D Spend as a Percentage of Revenue1.60%1.80%2.10%
Patent Efficiency (U.S. Patents Granted Per USD 1M of R&D Spend)1.833.392.29
Ranking Among Largest U.S. Patents Granted (by IFI Claims)39th34th49th
Ranking Among Largest U.S. Patents Granted to Oil & Gas Companies (by IFI Claims) 1st1st1st

Service Quality Metrics

Customer Non-Productive Time (NPT)0.52%0.40%0.31%

Local Ethics Officer (LEO) Program

Number of Local Ethics Officers585757

Ethics Training

Total Percentage of the Board of Directors that the Organization’s Anti-Corruption Policies and Procedures Have Been Communicated To100%100%100%
COBC Training (Participants)47,14543,79245,989
Anti-Corruption Training (Participants)9,1799,18717,409
Enhanced Procurement Fraud Training in Countries Designated as High Risk for Procurement Fraud (Participants)1,5101,4331,637

Global Ethics and Compliance Reports

Global Ethics and Compliance Reports669772711
Code of Business Conduct Reports Closed / Number of Reports with Potential Violations163/175215/209209/221


Percentage of Spend with Local Suppliers-80%84%
Number of Tier 1 Suppliers25,73224,53923,771
Tier 1 Suppliers’ Share of Total Procurement Spend100%100%100%
Number of Critical Non-Tier 1 Suppliers000
Critical Non-Tier 1 Suppliers’ Share of Total Procurement Spend0%0%0%
Number of Suppliers Assessed in the Last Three Years for Sustainability Risks25,60425,15423,648
Spend with Small and Diverse Suppliers (Million USD)




Spend with Minority Suppliers (Million USD)