Stakeholder Engagement

A vital component of our approach to sustainability is cultivating and maintaining long-term relationships with stakeholders. As a global provider of oil and gas services, we engage with many people around the world, capitalizing on the opportunities we have to interact with stakeholders on a local and global scale.

Our Key Stakeholders are:

  • Shareholders and Analysts
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Suppliers
  • Government Agencies
  • Industry Associations
  • Communities and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

The viewpoints and actions of our stakeholders have a decisive impact on the success of our business. We are able to identify issues of top concern and priority through ongoing engagement with communities, individuals and organizations. We value the feedback of stakeholders at all levels of our organization and communicate information to senior management and the Board.

By continuing dialogue with our stakeholders, we hope to better understand their positions, identify trends and build trust through partnerships – which all provides the opportunity to address key issues and meet expectations in sustainability management.

In determining stakeholders to engage, we consider a variety of factors, such as:

  • Stakeholder interest and influence on Halliburton
  • Possible alignment of our values with those of the stakeholder group
  • Collaboration opportunities that will improve social or environmental outcomes.
Shareholders and Analysts

Our senior management, Investor Relations team and operational managers are directly involved with our shareholders and analysts Through our annual reporting, shareholder meetings and quarterly conference calls, we can communicate on key topics of interest. Senior management and our Investor Relations team also hold regular meetings and conference calls with analysts, institutional investors and others.


Our business development teams and product service lines interact continuously with customers to understand their needs and concerns, including in the sustainability space. We ensure customer satisfaction by having continual engagement and collaborating directly on developing new technologies. We listen and respond to our customers’ suggestions and recommendations to create value through our services and business practices.

Employee Engagement

We aim to continuously improve our workplace culture by listening to our employees through frequent engagement on work status and performance, as well as through semi-annual Employee Pulse Surveys. Understanding our employees’ perspectives by aggregating their direct feedback is one way we drive management accountability to listen, learn and communicate with employees for continuous improvement.


We work collaboratively with our suppliers on an ongoing basis through workshops and meetings. With this frequent engagement, we are able to suggest and develop technological and operational improvements, and to expand supplier portfolios.

Trade Associations and Speaking Engagements

Halliburton engages and contributes to organizations and industry trade associations whose objectives include education, enhancement of the industry’s public image and development of best practices related to our industry. Many of our engagements include collaborating on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matters; this ensures our alignment with peers and customers, and that the associations and organizations align with our interests.

Communities and NGOs

We interact with communities and NGOs to understand how we can better align with their needs. We engage directly through volunteer activities, the Halliburton Foundation and donations, as well as ad hoc meetings with NGO groups to discuss key issues.

Download the "Collaboration" section of the 2019 Annual & Sustainability Report for more details