Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

We remain one of the most diverse companies in the world, with over 130 nationalities represented in our global workforce.  

Halliburton is committed to fostering a positive work environment by maintaining a strong culture of diversity, equality and inclusion, supported by our Code of Business Conduct and employment practices. This culture is reinforced by how we live out our mainstay of “listen and respond” to drive open communication, collaboration and employee- driven solutions. 

Top 10 Diversity Action Award

Focus on Family, Family Care Program


the hiring rate of women in STEM-based job roles since 2010

Listen and Respond

Halliburton listens to employees on what they see as challenges, and empowers them to share their perspective to improve their overall employee experience. Given the size and complexity of Halliburton, it is essential to have multiple avenues to connect and engage with employees, especially in this evolving digital and remote world. 

Human Resources conducts the Employee Pulse Survey, an important source of feedback, twice a year. These surveys give leadership insight into employee views on alignment to the Company’s strategy, to their own development, and if they feel they are receiving the support and resources they need to be successful, as well as their feelings on our commitment to provide a diverse and inclusive workplace.

We use Yammer, an online and continuously open sharing platform, to discuss how we can support the employee experience. Employees are encouraged to post questions, concerns and feedback.

We host annual diversity workshops. Halliburton invites global female representation from all different backgrounds, cultures and experiences to provide feedback on how to better support development and work life balance, and to discuss any other improvements they would like to see.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Sustainability Commitment:

  • Provide a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment that upholds our core values of collaboration and respect and provides all employees opportunities for growth and  development.

Meeting Commitments

In 2020, in addition to listening to our employees, we also took action to advance a culture of diversity, equality and respect in the following ways:

  • Company-Wide Global Town Hall on Dignity and Respect: Our Chairman, President & CEO, Jeff Miller, led this important discussion on implicit bias and race.

  • Updated Core Value: Respect
    We value diversity and equality. It makes us stronger, more innovative, and better positioned for success. We are committed to inclusion across race, gender, nationality, religion, identity, experience, and any other unique attribute. We are honest with ourselves, and we welcome different viewpoints and empower each other to be authentic.
  • Racial Equality Training: This important training was developed for all employees working in the U.S., and will be a requirement to complete in 2021.

  • Addition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a paid holiday in the U.S.

  • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs):
    We relaunched our Black Employees Leading in Inclusion, Excellence, Vision and Education (BELIEVE) ERG to be a global ERG representative of Black communities worldwide.

  • Recruitment and Investment in Scholarships: We enhanced our recruitment in support of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and created a scholarship fund of USD 1 million to support students at Prairie View A&M University, which is located near our corporate offices in Houston, Texas.

  • Charitable Giving: Through our corporate matching program “Giving Choices,” we ensured that the charities available reflect our effort to achieve racial equality.

  • Employee Pulse Survey: We enhanced this survey with additional questions related to feelings of inclusion.

Employee Resource Groups

Halliburton has Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that are open to all employees to help foster engagement, networking and professional development across our global workforce. These ERGs support the Company’s diverse workforce through expanding professional networks, enhancing leadership skills and empowering career mobility within Halliburton. These ERGs strengthen our business by further supporting our positive and inclusive work environments. 

ERG members participate in cross-industry events and forums with customers and service partners, as well as collaborate with functional groups within Halliburton and with their fellow ERG members. Halliburton engages with these ERGs in order to listen, empower and help educate the workforce. 

Each of the following Halliburton ERGs are open to all Halliburton employees.

  • Women Sharing Excellence (WSE) provides opportunities for women to connect and support each other through targeted mentoring, professional development, networking and community service.
  • Black Employees Leading in Inclusion, Excellence, Vision and Education (BELIEVE) supports Black employees globally through engagement in community service events, and also leads career development workshops to support its mission of educating, motivating and empowering its members.
  • Veterans Leadership Forum (VLF) was established by and for military veterans, and provides tools and opportunities for professional development to its members to help maximize their contributions to the Company’s success. 

  • iMPACT started with a focus on young professionals but has evolved into a community of Halliburton professionals, of all ages with the goal to attract and retain employees by creating a collaborative environment that expands professional networks, enhances leadership skills and empowers career mobility within Halliburton.

  • PRIDE is dedicated to strengthening our business by creating a positive and inclusive work environment for people of all sexual orientations and preferred gender identities.  

Objectives to Support Our Goals

The Company’s efforts and actions to foster an inclusive culture help drive diversity in hiring, development and retention. We focus on hiring, developing and retaining science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students. STEM skills are an important consideration for Halliburton leadership positions. This is a strategic focus of our graduate hiring, and it is supported in our Diversity Hiring Objectives. These objectives are developed by our senior leadership and are overseen by the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee receives monthly reports tracking hiring and employment data by gender, age, nationality and other criteria. The Company’s Board of Directors annually reviews a comprehensive report on our workforce diversity.