Training and Development

Training and Development

A critical element of our growth and success is having competent leaders and employees that are engaged and committed to our strategy and service delivery. We do this by offering best-in-class training and career development programs to enhance personal opportunities for professional growth. 


Halliburton employees have participated in our leadership program


Leaders at Halliburton identified for ongoing development of leadership talent


HalTV videos viewed with nearly 1.9 million minutes of content in 2020

Training and Education

At Halliburton, the global learning and development teams are responsible for establishing our learning and development framework, which includes the standards, processes and systems related to employee training and education. Employee development plans are then created at the business unit level to build a tailored curriculum to meet the individual needs of the employees in each business unit. 

Employees have access to a variety of learning and career resources via the Employee Development Program, which includes the Learning Central and Competency Central platforms. Learning Central is a comprehensive learning management system that tracks over 4,000 courses, including technical, professional and leadership training in online, classroom and workshop settings. Employees have access to this platform through a mobile application that can be viewed on their phones and tablets,
putting development in the palm of their hand.   

Competency Central connects required competencies to job roles to ensure that employees receive relevant training and development that are aligned to business needs. By identifying and addressing gaps in knowledge or skills, managers assign training, and employees are assessed on their competencies for both their current roles and their next roles of interest. 

In addition to these resources, Halliburton offers tuition reimbursement for Halliburton employees who are desiring to pursue degrees that will further enhance their competencies. The Company has also partnered with universities across the U.S. in order for Halliburton employees to take undergraduate or graduate classes online at a discounted rate.


One of the ways that Halliburton continued to deliver relevant training and development resources to employees while ensuring safety during the COVID-19 pandemic was to expand HalTV, our employee-driven online learning platform. HalTV now has thousands of simple, bite-sized videos created by employees that provide just-in-time learning and knowledge sharing across the Company. Many of these videos, which are available to our global workforce, had viewer counts in the thousands. To acknowledge the rapid adoption of the platform and the excellent creative work of our employees, the Company held its first annual HalTV Awards event in November. Employees nominated 300 videos for awards in a variety of categories, including Most Watched Video, Most Impactful Video, Most Creative Video and Best Overall Video. In addition, a Top Viewer award was given to the employee with the highest number of video plays in HalTV.

In 2020, as a result of workforce reductions and our focus on employee safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, we increased our utilization of virtual training to ensure that competency levels remained at high levels to meet our HSE and SQ needs. Halliburton now utilizes multiple online platforms to support our just-in-time model to ensure that employees receive the right content when they need it. We leverage Microsoft Teams, along with HalTV (employee-driven micro learning), and we recently engaged with a best-in-class third-party learning platform to enhance our digital competencies.
From HalTV’s launch, it now contains over 3,000 videos and nearly 1.9 million minutes of content was viewed in 2020. Our digital offerings have shifted training from formal classroom settings to informal video-based training, providing more manageable amounts of content per training session. What was once a 70 percent in-person and 30 percent virtual mix, is now a 40 percent in-person and 60 percent virtual mix.

The quality of our learning and development programs remains best-in-class in the industry. In 2020, for the eighth consecutive year, the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) granted full accreditation to our Global Competency Assurance Program, our internal program to certify competencies for positions across all Halliburton product service lines and support groups globally. We remain the only full-spectrum oilfield services company to have global accreditation with no restrictions. 

Our Skilled and Committed Workforce Sustainability Commitment:​

  • Have a skilled and committed workforce by listening and responding to our employees' feedback and committing to an engaged workforce that  feels valued with the right support and resources to be successful.

Talent Identification and Succession Management

With over 6,000 leaders at Halliburton, the ongoing identification and development of leadership talent strengthens our competitive advantage and is critical to our short- and long-term success. Halliburton manages employee performance and engagement through frequent Check-ins between employees and managers. These discussions focus on status of work, priorities, performance feedback and development. All employees participate in this Check-in process, which is the cornerstone of our performance management and career development framework. Managers also complete a semi-annual Talent Identification Survey, which measures a variety of factors, including collaboration and initiative, providing managers with more specific insight that they can use to communicate with employees during their Check-in conversations. 

Halliburton has many career development frameworks that prepare qualified employees for leadership roles, including the Supply Chain Management and Human Resource Leadership programs, as well as our Hire-to-HSE Manager,
Hire-to-Project Manager, and Hire-to-Country Manager processes. These development processes ensure that our employees have the right knowledge, skills and experience to be successful. These processes require substantial commitments of time and effort from the organization, and include intensive training and bootcamp events.

A key factor in fostering employee engagement is supporting employees in enhancing their professional growth and building their careers with succession planning, leadership development plans and specialized leadership programs to open doors for high-potential employees. Succession management is a proven method for assessing the skills, talent and potential of employees. It targets top talent for accelerated development within the Company through tailored development plans.

Succession Management Process Steps

  1. Employees complete/update an online Talent Profile Summary.
  2. Managers complete Leadership Assessments of their direct reports.
  3. Managers populate a Succession Management Replacement Chart prior to Talent Review.
  4. Relevant team members hold a Talent Review to discuss their reports’ competencies, strengths, development areas, potential and blocking roles.
  5. Managers conduct Development Discussions with their direct reports.
  6. Employees create and execute their Leadership Development Plans while managers provide ongoing support, coaching and feedback.

In 2020, Halliburton leaders identified over 16,000 successors. Annually, our executive management team holds a two-day session focused on our top leadership pipeline. For employees who have been identified as having top leadership potential, Halliburton has a four-tiered Business Leadership Development Program designed to provide additional skills, knowledge and experience. Since its launch in 2004, together with the Center for Executive Development at the Mays Business School of Texas A&M University, more than 10,000 Halliburton employees have participated in this leadership program. Upon completion of each tier, a select number of employees are chosen to progress to the next tier, with the highest level being the President’s Leadership Excellence Program, which prepares executives for senior leadership at the Company.